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Watermelon film
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Watermelon film
Watermelon film

Name: Watermelon film Origin: Shandong Qingzhou Color and Size: Can be customized according to customer needs Order cycle: 5-7 days Scope of application: fruits, vegetables and other crops Advantages: good light transmission, dustproof, anti-icing, strong pressure resistance , strong insulation performance, easy to repair, not easy to age.

Characteristics of watermelon film in Qingzhou Luyi Plastic Factory:
First, it can improve the ability of watermelon cultivation to maintain fertilizer. The soil covered with watermelon film can make the soil temperature change smoothly, and the organic matter can circulate normally.
Second, increase the water retention capacity of the ground. According to our field observations, the use of watermelon film to cover the water content of 5 cm underground, increased a lot after two days of coverage or 35 days after coverage.
Third, the impact of preventing adverse problems. The watermelon film has low light transmittance and less radiant heat, so the soil temperature of the covered soil can be changed little. It is conducive to promoting the normal growth of watermelon roots.
Fourth, can increase the yield of watermelon. Due to the low temperature increase of watermelon film, for some watermelon varieties with low soil temperature requirements, both the early yield and the total yield have increased a lot after the coverage.
Fifth, inhibit the growth of weeds. Grass damage is a serious problem when covered with a transparent film, but after being covered with a watermelon film, weeds on the ground are difficult to grow due to insufficient light conditions.