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Film manufacturer
Film manufacturer

Name: mulch material: new material PE polyethylene Features: good shading, good toughness, puncture resistance, winter insulation thickness: 0.8s, 1.4s
Width: 0.6m, 0.7m, 0.8m, 1m, 1.2m, 1.5m, 2m
Size can be customized

Reasons for choosing the mulch film of Qingzhou Luyi Plastic Factory:
First, our mulch has a long service life. The raw materials are carefully selected to ensure stable quality. PE raw materials are produced, the quality is stable, and the produced mulch is resistant to puncture and puncture.
Third, the ability to keep fertilizer and water conservation greenhouses when planting melons and vegetables, covering the mulch can prevent sun and rain, so that fertilizer and water are not lost. Fourth, can inhibit the growth of weeds. The black film has low light transmittance and can inhibit weed growth. Qingzhou Luyi Plastic Factory is a mulch manufacturer that can provide delivery guarantee, quality guarantee and replacement guarantee.