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Plastic greenhouse film
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Plastic greenhouse film
Plastic greenhouse film

Product Name: Plastic greenhouse film product type: white transparent film, light blue no drop greenhouse film product specifications: can be customized according to customer needs Product features: high density polyethylene particles made, no sun color, strong waterproof tensile.
Product use: greenhouse film, cover goods, cover equipment, cover trucks, fences, greening, paving, rain and dustproof.
Plastic greenhouse film produced by Qingzhou Luyi Plastic Factory has many uses:
First, the fruit planting warm plastic greenhouse film generally refers to the plastic film used in greenhouse greenhouse production, plastic greenhouse film light transmission, insulation, tensile and aging resistance are good, suitable for planting plants and other plants to keep warm.
Second, the vegetable plastic greenhouse keeps the vegetables warm, maintains the proper temperature, and prevents the fruits and vegetables from freezing.
Third, trucks, machinery and other covering large items such as trucks, machinery, etc., dustproof and rainproof, convenient and convenient.

Advantages of plastic greenhouse film in Qingzhou Luyi Plastic Factory:
First, the finish is good, the feel is good, not only the feeling of floating table light.
Second, the flexibility is moderate, flexible, no hard feeling is not rough, the space is good.
Third, easy to use, our greenhouse film quality, wear and tear!
Fourth, the inventory is abundant, our factory has a wealth of inventory, ready to deal with a large number of orders.

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