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Kumquat film
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Kumquat film
Kumquat film

Because kumquats are sunny and warm and humid, they are not cold-resistant. Qingzhou Luyi Plastic Factory has introduced a kumquat film for its growing environment and improved production formula. Its characteristics are:
1. The kumquat film is blow molded by three-layer co-extrusion production process. The shed film produced ensures the transparency of the shed film, thus satisfying the sunshine when the kumquat grows. 2. The kumquat film is added with heat preservation agent. When raised, the temperature inside the film is high, the water vapor is large, and the nighttime heat retaining agent plays a role of retaining heat, ensuring a warm and humid growth environment in the shed film. 3. The kumquat film is added with a toughening agent and a tensile agent. The shed film has high strength and good puncture resistance, and the shed film is not easily pierced by the kumquat tree, which is suitable for the covering and protection of the kumquat tree.
4, kumquat film using anti-aging agent, can provide 2-8 years of kumquat longevity film according to requirements.