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Silver black mulch
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Silver black mulch
Silver black mulch

Product Name: Silver Black Film Material: PE (Polyethylene)
Place of Origin: Shandong Qingzhou Production Process: Extrusion Blow Molding Size: A variety of specifications, can accept custom silver black film introduction:
The silver-black mulch produced by Qingzhou Luyi Plastic Factory is a multi-functional mulch film with one side of silver and one side of black. Silver black mulch film is usually a good helper for planting green vegetables and fruits in greenhouses, with anti-insect and anti-grass, daytime cooling and nighttime insulation, protection, maintenance, production increase and value-added.
Qingzhou Luyi Plastic Factory Silver Black Film Product Features:
First, the choice of PE material Second, the use of small paper core, without cement matching silver black film characteristics:
1. Multi-layer coextrusion technology ensures stable performance of the silver and black sides of the film;
2. The silver black mulch film can promote the photosynthesis of the roots of the fruits and vegetables, and the silver mulch film has the function of reflecting light, which can increase the coloration of the back surface of the fruit;
3. The silver surface has a strong reflective refraction effect, which can reduce the surface temperature during the day, while the black surface film can block the surface heat dissipation at night and effectively keep warm;
4. The silver surface also has the function of reflecting ultraviolet rays, which can effectively avoid the harm of pests such as winged aphids and reduce pests and diseases;