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What is the role of agricultural film, how to use it correctly?

Edit:Qingzhou Luyi Plastic FactoryUpDate:2018-11-10

With the increase in the use of agricultural film, in order to help farmers use agricultural film correctly and reduce pollution of agricultural film, Luyi Plastics Factory uses the role of agricultural film and correct use method to explain it. Welcome farmers' reference.
First, the main role of the use of agricultural film agricultural film cover is a mature agricultural cultivation method, with temperature, protection, fertilizer, improve soil physical and chemical properties, increase soil fertility, control weed growth, reduce disease, and help early maturity , increase production and efficiency and reduce labor costs.
Second, the correct use of agricultural film method 1, select qualified agricultural film. To select qualified agricultural films for different crops, do not use inferior membranes. When selecting agricultural film, carefully look at the name of the factory, the trademark, the certificate of the certificate, the transparency of the product, the color and so on. If you inadvertently purchase inferior mulch film, you can report it to the county industrial and commercial, quality inspection and agricultural departments to help you recover your losses.
2. Standard ridge coating. The film should be selected from the windless weather, and the organic fertilizer should be applied before the ridge. According to different crops, the requirements for ridge height, ridge width and groove width are different, and the ridges are standardized. When the film is coated, the agricultural film and the ridge surface should be close to each other. While pressing the pressure, lay the film on the back of the ridge, and check it again 3-4 days after sealing. If the film is not tight, run the film, cover it at any time; Grass breeds.
3, the film is released at the appropriate time. According to the influence of the plastic film on the growth period of the crop, the film can be uncovered at the appropriate time, which can shorten the filming time, maintain the toughness of the film, and be easy to recover. It can basically solve the residual film pollution of farmland soil and protect the farmland environment.
4. Residual film recycling. After the harvest of the crops in the fields, most of the farmers’ friends saw the agricultural film in the field as waste. They were simply removed from the ground, discarded and burned, causing secondary pollution to the surrounding environment. In fact, the used agricultural film can also be turned into waste. The waste agricultural film can be processed and reused through recycling. These breaks can be changed into our production and life, such as plastic flower pots, irrigation belts and plastic baskets. Wait.