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How to prevent the damage of plastic greenhouse film

Edit:Qingzhou Luyi Plastic FactoryUpDate:2018-11-10

Plastic greenhouse film is a common and low-cost greenhouse protection measure. A good plastic greenhouse film is relatively transparent and has a good light transmission effect. The light transmittance refers to the percentage of light and outdoor light that are thrown into the greenhouse. The angle of solar radiation will vary from season to season, and the light transmittance in the greenhouse will change. Therefore, the technician recommends that you buy a plastic greenhouse film suitable for the season. The winter sunshine is usually mild. Therefore, it is recommended to use a film with good heat preservation and high permeability. The summer sun is hot and sour, so it is recommended to use a low permeability. , a film with poor heat retention.

Plastic greenhouse film is an important production tool for agricultural production. Because plastic greenhouse film is relatively thin, it will be damaged if it is not well protected. Although there is a remedy after damage to the greenhouse film, it will also cause loss of life. How to prevent damage in daily management? The weather in the north is relatively windy, so it is no small challenge for greenhouse film. If there is a rupture, it will directly affect the growth of crops, and even the death of fruits and vegetables may be caused by the decrease of temperature. Therefore, the majority of farmers are friends. Be prepared to protect the plastic greenhouse film from wind and external forces. We can use the help of the rope to reduce the hazard of the wind. We can use the rope to press the film on the greenhouse. When the temperature rises at noon, we should release the wind in time to reduce the temperature inside the shed. If it is found that the film in the greenhouse is damaged, it should be carried out in time. Repair, the surface of the cement column and bamboo raft in the greenhouse should be smooth, which can also reduce the friction on the greenhouse film and prevent damage. Of course, the choice of a good plastic greenhouse film is the premise to reduce damage.