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What are the causes of aging in EVA agricultural film?

Edit:Qingzhou Luyi Plastic FactoryUpDate:2018-11-10

The aging problem of EVA agricultural film is one of the main reasons for the deterioration of agricultural film quality. The main cause of aging of EVA agricultural film is oxidation. Many high polymers will oxidize during processing and storage phase, and they are long-term in greenhouse. When heated and exposed to light, it accelerates oxidation, causing the polymer molecules to break and degrade, leading to aging, loss of strength, and loss of use value.
The oxidation process of EVA agricultural film is an autocatalytic process. The main product in the initial stage of the reaction is peroxyhydrate, which decomposes under appropriate conditions to form active free radicals. The active free radicals react with macromolecular hydrocarbons or oxygen to form new freedom. base. Light energy and heat energy are both energy sources that generate initial free radicals. It can accelerate the decomposition of hydroperoxide and accelerate the oxidation process of EVA agricultural film.
Another culprits in the aging of EVA agricultural film is ultraviolet radiation; EVA agricultural film has poor performance with the length of use time, and ultraviolet radiation is one of the causes of aging, and it ages faster when aerobic and moisture are present. The light with a wavelength of 290-400 nm in sunlight is ultraviolet light, and its radiation energy destroys the hydrocarbon ingot in the polymer molecule, causing degradation of the polymer, thereby causing a decrease in mechanical properties.
EVA agricultural film as a new type of agricultural film, because its quality is better welcomed by farmers, but if you choose the fake EVA agricultural film will damage the growth of crops, resulting in the reduction of fruits and vegetables, so choose EVA agricultural film It is necessary to look at the brand and choose a company with brand effect. If the EVA film has an aging problem, remember to replace it in time. Qingzhou Luyi Plastic Factory has many years of EVA agricultural film production experience, the market feedback is good, the brand has recognition, and has been researching and developing new products, lengthening the aging time of EVA agricultural film, and welcome farmers who need it to choose us.