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How to choose a durable agricultural film

Edit:Qingzhou Luyi Plastic FactoryUpDate:2018-11-10

Agricultural film is an important tool for vegetable cultivation. In the north of China, the probability of using agricultural film is very wide. When we grow vegetables, we need durable agricultural films . So how do you choose a durable agricultural film? Now let us introduce you:
1. Selection of agricultural film types: Currently, the greenhouse film sold on the market is divided into four categories, namely, no drip film, drip film, composite film and violet film, which can be reasonably selected by users. After no dripping film coverage, the water droplets on the inner surface of the greenhouse film can flow down the slope, there is no water drop under the film, and the light shielding is good. The temperature in the greenhouse is 3 ° C to 5 ° C higher than that of the drip film, which is beneficial to the wintering of winter flowers.
2, the regional choice of agricultural film: the use of agricultural film in the north, can improve the winter greenhouse and heat preservation, should choose double high (high light transmission, high insulation), double elimination (drip, anti-fog), anti-aging shed Membrane; diffuse reflection PE shed film should be selected in the higher temperature areas in the south. The reflectivity of the film is reduced, and the scattered light transmittance is increased, which is favorable for crop growth in the shed, and can reduce the heating rate in the shed at noon, and avoid high temperature damage to the crop.
Nowadays, there are many kinds of agricultural films on the market, and their functions are different. Many friends have taken the plunge and don’t know where to start. The suggestion given by Qingzhou Luyi Plastics Factory is that the selection of agricultural film should also be tailored to the local conditions and selected according to the actual situation.
Agricultural film is an important equipment in agricultural production. It can heat the crops, prevent pests and diseases, increase the surface temperature and so on. Nowadays, the agricultural film is also developing towards higher performance, more functions and lower cost. Therefore, there are many functional membranes on the market. It is recommended that farmers should judge according to their actual conditions.