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Why does longevity film increase crop yields?

Edit:Qingzhou Luyi Plastic FactoryUpDate:2018-11-10

With the development of the longevity film market, our sales have also been improved. We are grateful to the farmers for their trust and support. For many years, we have been positioning high-quality agricultural film and looking at the problem from the perspective of farmers. Actively solve problems for farmers, and conduct on-the-spot investigations, and actively improve according to the problems that have arisen. R&D has succeeded in developing a long-life membrane suitable for farmers' needs. Our current long-life membrane is highly competitive in the market, and many farmers After using our longevity film, vegetables have a large increase in production. As a manufacturer engaged in long-life film production for many years, our company's long-life film products are mainly manifested in the following aspects:
1. Strong transparency: It adopts olefin raw materials with low haze and high transparency. In this way, the light transmittance is high in the morning, the scattering rate is low, and the temperature rises rapidly in the morning.
2, strong anti-fog property: the use of anti-fog flow drops coating drying treatment, can inhibit the generation of fog, the anti-fog flow period can be synchronized with the life of the agricultural film.
3. Insulation performance: The organic heat preservation agent is used inside the long-life membrane, so that most of the infrared radiation radiated from the shed is reflected back. Effectively control heat loss. It ensures the growth temperature of the crop at night and shortens the maturity period. It can help prevent freezing damage to crops caused by sudden temperature drop at night.
4, long service life: our longevity film uses antioxidants and light stabilizers, greatly extending the life of the agricultural film, normal use can reach more than 3 years.
5, has a strong tensile strength. It is still easy to use in the harsh weather of northern winds and heavy snow, so that crops can grow steadily.
6, anti-static, non-stick: a four-layer structure. The surface is processed. There is no precipitate, it is not easy to adsorb dust, and it has the effect of maintaining high light transmission.