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Agricultural film manufacturers to popularize the types and uses of plastic film

Edit:Qingzhou Luyi Plastic FactoryUpDate:2018-11-10

According to the function and use of the mulch, the film manufacturers often divide the mulch into two categories: ordinary mulch and special mulch. Ordinary agricultural film includes broad-spectrum agricultural film and meager agricultural film; special agricultural film includes black agricultural film, black and white agricultural film, silver black and white agricultural film, green agricultural film, microporous agricultural film, incision agricultural film, silver ash (avoidance) Agricultural film, chemical) Weeding agricultural film, color matching agricultural film, controllable degradation of agricultural film, floating film, etc.
1. Broad-spectrum agricultural mulch film is mostly blown with high-pressure polyethylene resin. The thickness is 0.012-0.016 mm, the transparency is good, the temperature is warm, the moisture retention ability is good, and the silver black reflective mulch film is suitable for many areas, various covering methods, various cultivated crops, and various kinds of mouthwashes. The theoretical dosage per acre of vegetable fields is about 7,8 kg.
2, micro-agricultural mulch film, translucent, thickness 0.006-0.10 mm. The temperature and moisture retention performance is close to that of a broad spectrum film. However, due to the thickness reduction, the strength is reduced, and the light transmission is not as good as that of the broad-spectrum and thin film, it is generally not suitable for the meager mulch, high sorghum, high ridge planting, sunny slope ridge planting, flat slab near the ground, meager Covering cultivation methods such as agricultural film small arch shed. About 45 kg per mu of vegetable fields.
3. The black agricultural film base resin is blown by adding a proportion of carbon black. The thickness is 0.008-0.025 mm. Millimeter. The temperature-increasing performance is not as good as that of a broad-spectrum mulch film. The black mulch can block the sunlight, making it difficult for the weeds under the membrane to stop the light cooperation, unable to grow, and has the effect of limiting grass. It should be used for air cover or softening cultivation in areas and seasons where the grass is heavy and the warming effect is not high. The amount of vegetable per acre is about 7.4 12.3 kg.
4. The black plastic film on one side is milky white and black on one side. When applied, the black surface is applied to the ground, and the light reflection and the light cooperation intensity of the lower and middle functional leaves of the crop are increased, the ground temperature is lowered, the moisture is kept, and the weeding is applied, and the method is suitable for cover cultivation at a high temperature. The thickness is 0.025 0.4 mm, and the amount of vegetable field per mu is about 12.3 19.8 kg.
5. The silver-black mulch is used with the silver-gray side facing up. This mulch not only reflects visible light, but also reflects infrared rays and ultraviolet rays. It has a strong function of lowering temperature and maintaining moisture, and has a strong function of repelling aphids. It is also beneficial for the synthesis of anthocyanins and vitamin C. Suitable for ground cover cultivation in summer and autumn. The thickness is 0.025-0.05 mm, and the dosage of each vegetable field is about 14.8-24.7 kg.