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Agricultural film
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Agricultural film
Agricultural film

Product Name: Agricultural Film Material: LDPE+LLDPE
Product features: high transparency, good light transmission, good toughness, wear resistance, puncture resistance, winter insulation, summer insect silk thickness: 1s-12s
Width: 1m-12m, other sizes can be customized

Our agricultural film is made of new materials. Compared with recycled film, the new film has higher transparency, better light transmission, high toughness, abrasion resistance and puncture resistance.

Choose our six reasons:
First, the selection of new materials for raw materials, quality assurance, wide application range, can be applied to greenhouse cultivation, product dustproof and moisture-proof protection and packaging of goods. 3. Good gloss, production with new materials, high transparency, good gloss, As the packaging of most products, the tensile strength is strong, scientifically optimized formula, mixed in appropriate proportion, so that the product is more stretchable. 5. Wear and durable. Our agricultural film has wear resistance, pull resistance, chemical stability, etc. Characteristics

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