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Please choose these seven properties when choosing EVA agricultural greenhouses in greenhouses.

Edit:Qingzhou Luyi Plastic FactoryUpDate:2018-11-09

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people's demand for daily fruits and vegetables has also increased greatly. It has become more and more common to eat vegetables and fruits in all seasons. This increase in demand has led to great development in greenhouse cultivation. At present, there are many enterprises producing EVA agricultural film in China, and the quality of EVA agricultural film among various brand manufacturers is not uniform, and the categories are also very different. Therefore, farmers are also welcome to understand the basic knowledge of EVA agricultural film. When purchasing, choose EVA agricultural film suitable for the growth and quality of fruits and vegetables. EVA agricultural film is a plastic film used for greenhouse construction in greenhouses. Its light transmittance, heat preservation, tensile strength and aging resistance are better than ordinary agricultural film. It is of great significance to increase the yield and increase income of crops in greenhouses.
Please choose these seven properties when choosing EVA agricultural greenhouses in greenhouses:
1. Anti-aging performance: It has anti-aging performance and sand-resistance ability. The thickness of 0.07mm can be used continuously for 12 months.
2, dustproof performance: with dustproof performance, maintaining a long transparency.
3, light transmission performance: with light transmission properties, can make crops get more sunlight.
4, thermal insulation performance: the use of high EVA content of EVA materials, insulation performance is better.
5, dripping performance: has a good flow performance, the flow of the retention period is maintained for more than four months.
6, anti-fog performance: has a good anti-fog performance, can prevent or slow the generation of fog.
7. High input-output ratio: The weight of the film with the same thickness per unit area is about 30% lighter than that of the PVC film. The increase in the cost of the film is small, and the crop yield increases and the income is large, which has many economic benefits.
The effects of EVA agricultural film on tensile and aging resistance are much stronger than those of ordinary agricultural film, and have some help for increasing yield and income of greenhouse crops. Therefore, the quality of EVA agricultural film limits the production of crops to some extent.