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The silver black film of Qingzhou Luyi Plastic Factory is listed.

Edit:Qingzhou Luyi Plastic FactoryUpDate:2018-11-10

With the planting of crops in the new season, the sales volume of mulch film has also increased significantly. Qingzhou Luyi Plastic Factory has launched a new silver-black mulch film in response to market requirements. This mulch has obvious improvement in quality and function. Come and see what features it has to sell!
1. The black surface of the silver black film has lower transmittance, longer service life and less heat transmission, so the soil temperature of the covered soil can be changed less slowly, which is beneficial to the growth of crops.
Second, the use of small paper roll design, strong and durable, high practical value, easy to lift, more convenient to lay the film.
Third, the silver gray surface has the role of driving the anti-virus, the black surface can prevent the sun from projecting, cooling and weeding; because it can reflect more ultraviolet light, the silver black film has the effect of inhibiting the growth of vegetables.
Fourth, the use of newer PE materials, with high strength, puncture resistance, strong and durable.

The silver black mulch film is blown by adding a proportion of carbon black to the base resin. The thickness is 0.015-0.025 mm. The temperature-increasing performance is inferior to that of a broad-spectrum film, and the heat retention performance is better than that of a broad-spectrum film. The black mulch can block the sunlight, making the weeds under the membrane difficult to perform photosynthesis, unable to grow, and having a grass-limited function. It is very suitable for ground covering or softening cultivation in areas and seasons where grass is heavy and does not require high temperature effect. The amount of vegetable per acre is about 7.4-12.3 kg.
Silver and black mulch should be used with the silver-gray side facing up. It not only reflects visible light, but also reflects infrared rays and ultraviolet rays. It has a stronger function of cooling and protecting the cockroaches. It also has a strong ability to repel mites and prevent viruses, and also improves the combination of anthocyanins and vitamin C. Suitable for ground cover cultivation in summer and autumn. The thickness is 0.03-0.05 mm, and the dosage of the vegetable field per mu is about 14.8-24.7 kg.
Silver black mulch film has been put on the market, and the stock is sufficient. Users who need it are welcome to call or come to the factory to order.