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What is wrong with the wrong use of silver black film?

Edit:Qingzhou Luyi Plastic FactoryUpDate:2018-11-10

Earlier we mentioned how to use agricultural mulch film. However, with the increase in the use of agricultural mulch film, the pollution problem that comes with it has become more and more serious. Because farmers' farmers use the agricultural film in the process of using the film, they violate the mulch film cultivation technique and bring a series of problems to the agricultural production and ecological environment. If the use of silver black film is not standardized, it will cause a series of problems.
1. The silver black film is unqualified. When most farmers purchase silver black mulch, they think that the thinner silver black film can use about 1-2 kg per mu than the qualified film, which can reduce the film cost of 10-20 yuan, but use unqualified silver black. The mulch has many drawbacks. According to statistics, since it is difficult to recycle, after using unqualified silver black mulch film, the residual waste film will be about 2 kg per mu per year, and these residual silver black mulch films are difficult to degrade, which will lead to soil compaction and seedling rate decrease, resulting in Crops are reduced, and this hazard will be cumulative over a long period of time, so the damage will be far greater than the savings from using inferior silver black mulch.
2. Silver black film mulching technology is not standardized. Different crops have different technical requirements for silver black mulching. Most farmers do not follow the laminating technical regulations, do not ridge or micro-ridges, resulting in less water seepage in the membrane, and it is easy to cause "ridge drought" in the drought years.
3, silver black film and ridge surface is not close to the film, the shape of the film does not become a high temperature environment, weeds grow, the film rises, lost its due role.
4, the quality of the land preparation is not high, the amount of waste is too much, the heat preservation capacity is poor.
5. The sealing film is not strict. When the wind blows, the silver black film is easy to blow and run.
6. Uncover the film too early or too late.
7. White pollution is serious. After many people unveiled the film, they did not concentrate on recycling, but littered everywhere. On the one hand, the waste agricultural film remains in the soil, affecting the growth and development of soil crop roots, causing “soil pollution”; on the other hand, after the strong wind, the residual film piled up on the edge of the field and the ground is blown to the front and back of the house, the field tree The tip...causes “environmental pollution” and affects the rural environment.