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Longevity film
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Longevity film
Longevity film

Product Name: Longevity Film Commodity Origin: Shandong Qingzhou Product Width: 1m-24m
Product thickness: 0.04mm-0.16mm
Product use: fruits, vegetables

Characteristics of longevity film of Qingzhou Luyi Plastic Factory:
1. No dripping water contains additives, which can eliminate the tension on the surface of the membrane, prevent the formation of water droplets, and instead form a continuous water film, which flows down the membrane.
2. Long-life added anti-fogging plastic auxiliaries, so that the product has light-proof heat preservation anti-aging and no drop function, high strength, tensile and impact resistance, and the service life under normal conditions is up to 3 years.
3. High light transmittance and high light transmittance are important for plant growth, and the choice of materials makes the film have high light transmittance.
4. Multi-functional scope: greenhouse cover crops such as fruits and vegetables.
5. Factory direct factory direct sales, no cumbersome middlemen, affordable.

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